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       Conscience rice noodles, accompany all the way

       Jiangxi Lianglu Food Co., Ltd. is located in the Rice Noodle Processing Zone, Yingnan Avenue, High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Yingtan City, Jiangxi Province。
       The company's new factory was established in April 2018, covering an area of ​​23,000 square meters, with a rice base area of ​​13,200 mu. There are 288 employees, high-quality, high-level and innovative professional R&D personnel and management personnel. The products are developed and produced in combination with traditional craftsmanship and better production equipment.”Lianglu brand series rice noodles, the main production: Jiangxi rice noodles, Hakka rice noodles, Guilin rice noodles, corn rice noodles, sorghum rice noodles, buckwheat rice noodles, black rice rice noodles, five grain fish noodles, five grains rice noodles and other more than 10 kinds of series products, has become a major feature of Jiangxi Industry, products sell well at home and abroad。
       Since its establishment, the company has ensured”Safety first, quality assurance, honest service”,Realize the steady development of the enterprise. Now it has obtained IS09001 quality management system certification and 2000 international food safety management system certification. upholdThe corporate philosophy of "Shuang An Shuang You" and the business tenet of "Win the market with quality and win the world with quality", give full play to its professional advantages and strength, become a strong production base in the food industry, and provide every customer with healthy and delicious food. rice noodles。


Conscience rice noodles, accompany all the way

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