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With the rapid advancement of modern science and technology and the transformation and requirements of modern diet concepts, Lianglu Company has changed the processing technology and methods of rice noodles and fresh and wet rice noodles from the original water grinding, rice milk fermentation, light beating handed down more than 2,000 years ago. The traditional manual workshop of embryo, extruding into powder and sun-drying has been transformed into mechanical industrialization, numerical control fully automated production, through the absorption of traditional technology and scientific method of rice preparation, soaking, crushing, powder pressing, aging, re-steaming, moisturizing, loosening and washing , drying, cutting powder and other processes and fresh and wet rice noodles soaking, grinding, steaming, pressing powder, steaming powder, foaming powder and other processes.
It has completely changed the disadvantages of rice flour fermentation, high concentration of spit, easy to boil and difficult to store in the past!


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