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company culture

Entrepreneurial spirit: integrity and pragmatism, pioneering and enterprising, united and hard work, bravely climbing the peak
Team mechanism: Sincerely gather talents and bloom with passion; sincerely unite and develop grand plans together
Quality policy: regard quality as life, survive by reputation
Management policy: people-oriented, efficient management, attentive and responsible, pursuit of excellence
Business philosophy: integrity-based, customer first, mutual benefit, and common development
Enterprise tenet: carefully crafted to provide human beings with healthy and delicious rice noodles
Enterprise goal: to build a high-quality enterprise, create a well-known brand, expand competitive advantages, and lead the industry
Business objectives: to establish a stable network based on the domestic market. Expand foreign sales and participate in international competition
Enterprise vision: achieve better management, develop better technology, produce better products, and strive to create a better enterprise

Conscience rice noodles, accompany all the way

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