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Product advantages

Lianglu brand series rice noodles are all made of high-quality rice and Longhu Mountain spring water as raw materials.
Rich in starch, minerals, and various vitamins needed by the human body, it is one of the staple foods in modern homes
Feature 1: Safe and reliable
Rice noodles are made from pearl rice without any additives. The company has a green rice production base, and the whole process from farmland to table is controlled, so it is safe and reliable
Feature 2: Excellent toughness
The appearance of rice noodles is not only neat and uniform, but also does not stick to continuous after cooking, the taste is smooth and flexible, full of elasticity, and has a natural rice flavor.

1. Located in the product base of Longhu Mountain, Yingtan, Jiangxi Province, the material is pure natural, green without additives
2. From raw materials to production, every link is strictly controlled, and you can eat with confidence
3. Retain the original fragrance of grains to the greatest extent, natural and pure taste
4. Integrated production process to protect nutrients from damage
5. A variety of flavors to choose from to meet the needs of different groups of people


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