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Jiangxi Province expands and strengthens the scale of rice noodle industry

A few days ago, the General Office of the Provincial Government issued the "Implementation Opinions on Further Improving the Competitiveness and Added Value of Jiangxi Rice Noodles" (hereinafter referred to as the "Opinions") to further promote the standardization and branding development of Jiangxi rice noodles, expand and strengthen the Jiangxi rice noodle industry, and speed up the development of Jiangxi rice noodles. Improve the competitiveness and added value of Jiangxi rice noodles.
The "Opinions" proposed that by 2025, Jiangxi will cultivate 3 to 5 well-known domestic and foreign rice noodle catering chain enterprises and pre-packaged rice noodle brands, and create 1 to 2 nationally well-known characteristic rice noodle food blocks, and strive to realize the sales of Jiangxi rice noodles in the whole industry. The revenue exceeds 100 billion yuan.
The "Opinions" put forward a total of five key tasks, mainly the industrial cluster development project, the brand value enhancement project, the marketing channel expansion project, the food supply guarantee project, and the quality standard construction project. While expanding offline marketing channels and expanding online sales of rice noodles, we will promote Jiangxi rice noodles to go global and increase Jiangxi rice noodles’ market share and brand influence in the country. Dig deep into the history and culture of rice noodles with local characteristics, tell the story of Jiangxi rice noodles, continuously improve the brand promotion of Jiangxi rice noodles, and focus on singing "the world's rice noodles look at Jiangxi". (Wu Yawen reporter Yang Biyu)

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