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The 1000-meter-long Nanchang Rice Noodles debuted at the Jiangxi Tourism Industry Expo

China Youth Network, Nanchang, September 26th (Xiong Jiujiu) The 2016 Jiangxi Tourism Industry Expo was held at the Nanchang International Convention and Exhibition Center on September 23rd. In this exhibition, Gan Fen Kee is ingenious and produced the world's first 1,000-meter-long zero-addition healthy rice noodle on site, and invited nearly a thousand citizens to witness the birth of this miracle.

At the scene, the staff moved the one-step flour-forming machine to the exhibition site, and spent nearly half an hour relaying to produce a 1,000-meter-long fresh rice noodle, which stretches endlessly, like a colorful dragon, which is extremely spectacular. 

The production process of this super-long rice noodle completely subverts the tradition. It has abandoned the outdated process of using old rice and additives to ferment and ferment, and instead uses fresh late-season rice as the main ingredient, supplemented by fresh ingredients such as whole grains, and is made on-site with a one-step flour mill. 

After the rice noodles are made, the staff carefully hangs them on special bamboo poles, and then the ceremonial people in cheongsam put the cut rice noodles on the plate and slowly circle the field for display, which attracts many onlookers. 

Adhering to the concept of healthy, green and environmental protection, the healthy rice noodles made by the longest rice noodles in this challenge are all cooked on-site by professional chefs and distributed to the onlookers for free. Many foreign friends from afar are full of praise. .

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