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Jiangxi rice noodles work together to become a "big industry"

News from this newspaper "Jiangxi rice noodles are famous for their excellent raw materials, excellent processing, delicate texture and round taste. Rice noodles in different places have different flavors due to different processing and cooking methods, and are widely praised. However, Jiangxi rice noodles also have a low degree of industrial organization, Due to the low degree of product standardization and low brand awareness, the entire industry is still in a state of chaos to some extent." On May 19, at the inaugural meeting of Jiangxi Rice Noodles Association, the person in charge of the association said that after the establishment of the association, it will It will play a bridge role in expanding the scale of the industry and exert the effect of industry agglomeration, and make Jiangxi rice noodles a big industry. According to statistics from Jiangxi Rice Noodles Association, Jiangxi is one of the provinces with the largest rice noodle sales in the country. According to conservative statistics, there are more than 50 rice noodle manufacturers and 489 rice noodle shops in Nanchang City. Nanchang people eat 100 tons of fresh and wet rice noodles a day. However, the daily consumption of fresh rice noodles in Jiangxi Province ranges from 1,000 tons to 1,200 tons, and the annual output value of the market scale reaches 2 billion yuan. At present, the representative rice noodle brands in Jiangxi include Nanchang Fried Noodles, Yianshan Hot Noodles, Anyi Pressed Noodles, Xiajiang Gong Noodles, etc. Among them, Nanchang Mixed Noodles have successfully settled in Paris, France, and Los Angeles, USA, with many diners. Jiangxi's rice noodle market is a huge Chaoyang market with broad prospects. It is imperative to enhance the competitiveness and influence of Jiangxi Rice Noodles. Jiangxi Rice Noodles Association will play the role of integration and cohesion of the association, build a bridge between rice noodle production enterprises and the government, and tie a bond of communication between departments. Support rice noodle safety work and the development of rice noodle production enterprises. The association will take the lead in organizing and improving the detailed rules for the management of rice noodles, which will be subdivided into each type of rice noodles, such as what ingredients need to be added to the rice noodles in Nanchang fried noodles, and what is the ratio of the ingredients. quality. Apply for the registration of the collective trademark of "Jiangxi Rice Noodles", and implement the mother-son trademark strategy under the public brand. At the same time, establish a database of rice noodle owners, make efforts to be specialized, refined, special and new, improve the competitiveness and market share of Jiangxi rice noodles, and let Jiangxi rice noodles go global.

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