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Explained by China Rice Noodle Industry Network: Why is Jiangxi's rice noodles so good?

When it comes to food, I believe everyone has a voice. Different cuisines have different tastes. What the editor wants to share with you today is the food on the tip of the tongue - rice noodles. As we all know, Jiangxi is known as the "Hometown of Rice Noodles". When it comes to this authentic Jiangxi rice noodles, many people are drooling. That is one of the most famous snacks in Jiangxi cuisine. Almost every day in Jiangxi people's life starts with rice noodles. It is understood that there are dozens of rice noodles in Jiangxi with different tastes. Such as Yichun's Tu Zhafen, the aroma that came out of the pot made the tip of the tongue jump. Soup, soy sauce, minced red pepper, lean pork, small cabbage, and tender garlic sprouts were all prepared in a golden ratio. It is tempting; while Shangrao people like to eat hot noodles, hot noodles focus on soup, fresh and tender soup, accompanied by high-quality rice noodles, and it is smooth in the mouth; while Yingtan people prefer to eat beef noodles, soup Distinct, with special spare ribs and red oil, a large bowl is served, full of color, aroma and taste. Speaking of this, curious friends can't help but ask, why is Jiangxi rice noodles so strong and delicious? According to local reports, it is to focus on the quality, taste and formula of raw materials. Select high-quality rice, which is processed by soaking, grinding, and drying. At the same time, the flour must be selected with good toughness. The uncooked cornstarch is solid and transparent, and the cooked noodles after cooking are tender and white, and will not rot for a long time. Fried not broken, tough but not hard. Such special products are bound to have stricter requirements for enterprises producing rice noodles, and the competitiveness of enterprises will also increase. And local rice noodle companies market rice noodles through e-commerce platforms, such as Wanzai County Zhongzhi Ecological Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd. This company specializes in Lily Rice Noodles, and combined with its own product market conditions, it has taken the express train of e-commerce and entered the China Rice Noodle Industry Network. It is understood that the e-commerce platform brings together many rice noodle companies, dedicated to the wholesale and procurement of rice noodle. In addition, there are professional quotations, inquiries and other information as well as investment and joining information. As long as the merchants want to do rice noodle trading, they can go to the China Rice Noodle Industry Online to match business opportunities, which makes rice noodle trading more unique in product concentration and massive information. Those who can't go to Jiangxi to taste authentic rice noodles, go to China Rice Noodle Industry Network to purchase.


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